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Congratulations Bill on getting your site up and running so quickly.
I was pleased to see the number of great pic's you've displayed for us, and I wish you a fun time with your new toys.
I'll come play again soon. Keep the sand pit ready for me pal. Will tell my friends about the Neatstuff you've begun.
Cheers John.

Looks pretty groovy, Bill & Kellie;
John does fabulous work!
Ron & Francie

Great site - very fitting name...
Will be back to check out more neat stuff regularly. Have book marked this page!

Really enjoyed your page.  You have an easy to read format and very easy to follow
directions. Are you considering taking things on consignment in the future like a gallery?

Very Nice Site!
I will be including a link to your page from my links page at collectorsworld.com.

You are the GREATEST!!!  I received the robots on Friday (just as promised)
and they are in great condition.
Box and all.  Thanks a bunch for your trustworthiness and credibility in
your business dealings.

This is the coolest site in the world!  What a huge selection of toys!  It really is nirvana for collectors.  I myself prefer 70s board games, the more obscure, the better!
You guys did a great job on this site!
I'll bookmark it and visit frequently!

Bill is the BEST.
I was looking for the elusive "Rock 'em, sock 'em Robots" and Bill cane through for me.
With a price I could afford and and delivery schedule to rival DHL.
I am in a robot frenzy and seem to be on a mission.
Bill at neatstuff is the best.

Hello Bill, Just thought I would let you know that I sent you the money order
Can't wait to get my toys. You have by far the nicest web site that I have seen.
Look forward to buying more things from you.

Really like your setup, truly the most enjoyable site I have visited.
I'm not a dealer, just a big kid.
Tonka toys are my favorite pastime, new mint is nice but I can't resist playing with my toys.
Your place is now a bookmark.
Ron Swartz

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