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CT-04 Flying Saucer Space Patrol 
This is an uncommon toy, it has bump-n-go action  with a propeller in the rear of the craft that spins around as the ship moves about. This toy is complete and operates like new. It's condition rating is a 9+ the box is rated at a 7.5 It appears that someone has replaced the clear plastic window in the box at one time. Made in Japan in 1966 by the Yonezawa toy company.

toy measures 8.5 inches.

CT-05 Non-Fall Moon Rocket
This is a classic toy space ship. It offers some really colorful and fascinating operations. It has non-fall bump-n-go action, while in motion it moves around with flashing colored lights and strange spaceship sounds. The little spaceman mounted on top looking through the periscope tuns in circles. The toys condition is a 9 the box is also in a 9 condition rating. It operates like a new toy. You won't be disappointed in this one! I believe this is the first addition of this toy. Made in Japan during the early 1960s 

 measures 9 inches long.
CT-06 UFOXO5 Space Ship
This is a nice colorful tin litho toy with mystery action. It offers colored blinking lights and space ship sounds. Made in Japan in 1967 by the Masudaya toy company. The toy is complete and operates flawlessly. It's condition is a 9, the box is in 8.5 condition and includes the original cardboard insert. This is a nice one!

CT-07 Space Saucer Mercury X-1
This is a fairly uncommon space toy. It was made in Japan in 1964 by the Yonezawa toy company. It's actions are excellent. It has bump-n-go mystery action with the rear rocket engines blazing with very colorful spinning lights of blue and red. The white plastic dome on the top also has spinning lights of white and red. It also offers some of the strangest sounds I have ever heard from a space toy, it sounds a bit like a out of tune banjo! The radar dish on top spins around as the toy moves about. This is a very spectacular toy to see in action! It come complete with all parts and operates perfectly. I rate the toy at a 9, the box includes the original cardboard inserts and is rated at an 8+ condition. This is a hard one to find in this condition. Don't miss out!

toy measures 8 inches across.
CT-08 Nike Friction Powered Space Rocket
This is a rare and hard to find toy. It is friction powered. When it moves forward and comes in contact with an object it lifts it's self up into a vertical position. Very colorful tin litho space toy with great action. The toy is in near mint condition, I rate it at a 9.5
The box is a little yellowed with age and has a few minor creases in it with one spot where there is a small hole in the side of the box top, also includes the original cardboard insert.  If your searching for a rare space toy, then don't pass on this one! Made in Japan by the Masuya toy company during the early 1960s. 

Toy measures 8 inches long.
CT-09 Space Capsule With Floating Astronaut
Here is a great Nasa inspired space toy. 
It was made in Japan by the Masudaya toy company in 1969. This toy comes in mint condition, I rate it at a 10- the box includes the original cardboard inserts and is rated at a strong 9+ condition. The toy is complete and operates like the day it was made nearly 33 years ago. I have only seen a few of these and this is the nicest one I have ever seen. You just can't go wrong by adding this one to your tin toy collection.  It's actions are mystery bump-n-go with the rear rocket engine blinking with red lights and sound. There is a little lite-weight astronaut that is elevated up into space by a steam of forced air. As the toy moves about the astronaut floats above the toy and follows it around where ever it goes supported by the invisible stream of air. Very nice litho, clean and bright with no signs of any use what so ever. This is a very nice toy!

Toy measures 11 inches long.
CT-10 X-07 Space Surveilant Ship
Here we offer the space surveilant ship made by the Masudaya toy company of Japan in 1961. The toy offers non-fall-non-stop action. It moves around with blinking colored lights and space ship sounds. The pilot driving this mean machine also has mechanical animation.
As the ship moves about the pilot's arm and hand move as though he is operating the ship.
This toys condition is an 8 it operates very well and is complete. It does show signs of play wear with some lite scratches in the litho and clear plastic dome. Still a very nice hard to find toy. Sorry no box for this one.

toy measures 10 inches long.

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