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04 Zeus Forces Space Super Man Ship. This is a unusual toy space ship. It offers bump-n-go action with red  lights in the tail and rotating lighted radar dish and a pilot that moves around under the clear dome. All actions work like new. The toy is early Chinese made. Not sure of the year. This toy is in 8.5 condition and the box is about an 8 includes all the original cardboard inserts. 
Measures 11 inches long.

Battery powered

20 B/O Tin litho Gama Tank Vehicle. 
This toy was made in Germany, it operates just fine with bump and go action, rotating radar dish and colorful lights. The litho does show some signs of slight rust in a few places. I rate the over all condition of the toy at 7.5 the box is a 7 condition.
This is a hard to find toy. 

Battery powered
8 inches long

21 Sonicon Rocket
With pull back, wind-up action. This is a beautiful tin litho wind-up toy that is bound to bring back old memories. Go into space with this miniature reproduction of the Sonicon Rocket. It was originally produced by Masudaya of Japan in the 1950's. So, explore the cosmos and discover new worlds! 5 in. long. Comes with a nice box, made in Japan.
Made by Rocket USA!
Wind up
Sorry, All SOLD OUT!
22  Key Wound Sonicon Rocket
This is a cool little key wound all tin litho toy. This toy is a great copy of the highly sought after original Japanese made Sonicon Rocket. When you wind it with the detachable key it really scoots around! Very colorful with nice detailed lithographed.
Measures 4 1/2 inches long. Comes with a white box with black print.
Wind up
Made in China
$15.50 each
23  Key Wound Robot Racer
This is Robot Racer. It's a nice  little key wound all tin litho toy.
Wind it up and it runs around with a ringing bell. Very nice detailed litho. Comes with a nice colorful box.
Measures 5 inches long.
Wind up
Made in China
Sorry, all SOLD OUT!
01-C Cap Rocket
This is an old store stock find, all plastic construction still in their original carded bags. Place a cap in the tip of the rocket and give it a toss, when it hits something it fires the cap! Lots-o-fun! These were made in the late 1960s or early 1970s and come in mint condition.

Measures about 7 inches long when assembled.
Sorry all SOLD OUT!
08 Very Cool Space Watches
These were made in japan in theearly 1960s. I am offering them as a complete set of 12 watches on their orginal colorful cardboard display. When you turn the dial they show different space scenes on the face. Both the watches and display are in mint condition!

This display Measures 16 inches long.


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