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Here we offer a good selection of vintage tin space toys, like rocket ships and moon cars these tin litho
toys are very popular with both children and serious toy collectors.
The battery operated and wind-up tin space toys offered here are sure to please, some are
old and some are new reproduction toys, from days gone by.
These types of vintage space toys will always be favored collectibles, they are highly prized toys and
are only going to increase in value as time goes by. Some are destined to become classic tin space toys.
So order yours today while they are available, they won't be around for long.
Happy Collecting !

For your purchasing Satisfaction....
We strive to offer you only the FINEST examples of these tin toys.
ALL our stock is closely inspected and tested.
Any items that do not meet the standards of Neatstuff.net are sold to
other toy dealers who offer them for sale at discounted prices!

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Famous Coney Island Rocket Ride Space Toy
All Tin & Litho Construction. Offers spinning spaceships and a ringing bell. What a great toy!  Amazing 1950's style colors and graphics depicted all over the toy. Very sturdy and fun to play with. Toy stands 11" tall with wind-up mechanism that activates chain drive to spin the rockets around and around, rockets also rock back and forth. Base can be folded for storage. This is a very well made tin toy! Comes with a detachable key.
Wind up
Measures 11+ inches tall.
$29 each.
As with most all items at our website, SHIPPING IS FREE!
ITEM #SD1-Rover- He's BACK by popular demand!
Famous Rover Space Dog Tin Windup
All Tin & Litho Construction. An excellent reproduction of the original. Man's Best space Friend. Wind-up Rover Space Dog and watch him go as he flaps his ears, rolls his eyes, open and closes his mouth and makes sparks as he waddles along! Numbered Limited Edition and of very good quality!

Wind up
Measures about 6 inches long

Item #SPR-1
Space Patrol Rocket, your choice (Yellow) or (Green)
Nice all tin construction (pull-back wind up) space rocket ship. Looks great in any space toy collection. Fun to play with as well! When placed on a flat surface, push it backwards then let it fly!
6+ inches long.
$18.00 each.

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Item #R0ZRS
Zathura Rocket Ship 
This wind-up, sparking rocket is true to the Zorgon spaceship in the Zathura movie. The Zorgons roam space seeking energy sources. When you see their evil looking spaceship, you know you are in trouble. If you don't cool down fast, you will be in their spaceship's blast furnace. A very well constructed all tin toy rocket!
Measures 12 inches long.
Wind up
Sorry, all sold out!

Click Here for much more info. and pictures!.
01-A Tin UFO Train 
This is a cool all tin lithograph space toy. When you wind it up the train moves forward, at the same time the the three little UFO's rotate around & around in opposite directions. This is a very nice toy. Comes in a colorful box (Not Pictured) 
NOTE: The box this toy comes in has a "gross" misprint on them, a sticker was placed over this surprising misprint,  you won't believe your eyes! Have fun!
Wind up
Measures 13 inches long.
$18.00 each. As with most all items at our website, SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

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to see more.
AVAILABLE Late February / Early March 2007
R-08B Strange Walking Martian 
All tin litho construction, wind up toy. This is a reproduction of a very rare space toy made in Japan by the Hishimo Toys during the 1950s. The original of this toy sells for thousands of dollars. Here's your chance to own the next best thing.  The toy walks forward by movement of it's two middle legs. Very weird, very strange, very MARTIAN. This is a must have for any tin space toy collector! Includes a nice box.  Click Here for more Info.
Wind up
$29.95 each with free USPS shipping
Stands 9 inches tall.

Click On Picture for the details!
email us if you would like to be placed on back order for this new item. It will be available early February 2007
01-D Martian Robot Space Station
This is an excellent quality all tin lithograph space toy. When you wind it up the robot and the dome rotate around & around, at the same time the robot is holding a camera, while it is rotating the robot moves up and down as though it is filming the scene around him.  The litho space graphics on the toy are outstanding! Toy includes a very well made cardboard slip top box as well, these are very very nice. have fun!
Click on the little picture to see more.
Wind up
Measures  9X7 inches.
SORRY, all sold out!
02-C Sky Express Tin Rocket
This is a reproduction of the above toy, made in China in 2001. When the friction powered rocket runs into an object the tip activates a spring loaded device that raises the rocket up into a vertical position. This is a new toy, both box and toy are mint. Includes instruction sheet. Toy stands nearly 15 inches tall. This is a very cool item. Lots of fun to watch it operate!
SORRY, all sold out!
03 Space Patrol Ship 2019 Another cool old Japan tin space ship. It's functions include, Bump-N-Go action, with rotating propeller in the rear. It also has strange spacey sounds. The toy is in 9.5 condition and operates very well. No box. Made in Japan by Mego, 1960s.

Battery powered
06 Space Whale
This is a hard to find rare toy. When you wind it up it moves forward swaying from side to side with it's ears flapping and it's eyes rolling around, it also has a mechanical mouth that opens and closes as it moves. The rear portion of the whale has a see through red tinted window that has a sparking device in it! All functions do operate and the toy is complete. The antenna works as the on and off switch. Over all I rate this toy at a 8+ 
Made in 1957 by the Japan toy company Yoshiya.  This would be an excellent addition to any space toy collection. Sorry, no box.

Wind up
9 inches long.
07-A Tin Solar Rocket  All it's functions do not operate. Plus it has one broken tail fin. The broken tail fin piece is there, would be simple to glue back. It does not raise up as it should, however the lights and Bump-N-Go actions do operate. This is a Japanese toy made in the early 1960s. The box is in poor condition. Would make a nice display piece.

Battery powered
measures 15 inches long.
09-B Friction Powered Jupiter Rocket
This is a rare tin toy rocket. Not many of these were ever made. This one is unbelievable because it is in MINT/10 condition and the original box is also mint/10 condition, it includes the original cardboard insert. You couldn't ever find one in better condition! This toy was made in Japan during the early 1960s when you push the toy it has friction power, when the nose of the rocket bumps into an object the rocket raises up into a vertical position!
Don't miss out on this very hard to find toy rocket.

Wind up
toy measures 10 inches long.

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