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(#R-16-TT) (#R-17-TT) (#R-18-TT) New reproduction robots!!
These are 3 all new wind up tin litho reproduction  Robots. The originals of these robots are highly sought after, expensive and difficult to find. Here's your chance to be the first to own these very cool new robots. They Stand 9 1/2 inches tall and come with an exact to the original type slip top boxes. This robot is surprisingly very well made of  heavy gauge tin, they are heavy duty construction with colorful detailed litho. They operate with mechanical moving legs & arms. The clockwork  is very smooth and strong running . These new toys are in limited production of 1999 of each style, each is individually numbered with a stamped impression in the tin.

(#R-16-TT) South Pole Robot. $50.00 Each.

(#R-17-TT)Space Captain Green SORRY, all SOLD OUT!
(#R-18-TT) Space Captain Robot (White) SORRY, all SOLD OUT!


Your item will arrive to you in 7 business days or less.
FREE Shipping 
on all robots! Unless otherwise noted!

Item # (ZRSet-1) Wind up Mini Zoomer Robot Set, made in Japan. Very nice all tin lithographed mini robots that walk via pin action in their feet. You will receive all 3 colors in the set; Silver, Blue, and Green.
Wind up
$42.00 per set of 3. Free shipping!
#R-46 R-1 Robotank 
A Reproduction of the battery-operated Robotank Z robot from the 1960's.
This is an all new wind up good quality tin litho Robot. It's identical to the hard to find original battery-operated Robotank Z robot made in Japan by T.N. in the 1960's. It stands over 4 inches tall, runs like a champ, very quite and smooth. When you wind it up it scoots around with the arms and hands working the controls as though it is steering it's self around!
Wind up
$14.00 each.
# R-PR-C 
Strange Planet Robot
Robot stands 9" tall and functions with a key wind-up motor. Very interesting robot design obviously based off the new 20th Century Fox animation movie "ROBOTS". Planet Robot walks with mechanical striding arms, even has a very cool lithographed all tin rocket pack on his back. Planet Robot is very comical and clunky and has a lot of personality!
Wind up
Click on the picture to see them both.
$32.00 each. 
As will all our robots, SHIPPING IS FREE!

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R-35 Wind-up Robot
Nice tin robot with walking action. A reproduction of the early R-35 Robot. All tin construction. Includes a colorful box, comes with detachable key. Stands 5 inches tall.
Wind up
$22.00 each

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Speedy Robot Wind-up
Nice tin robot with walking action. Moves very quickly! A reproduction of an early  Robot. All tin construction. Includes a generic box, comes with attached key. Stands 5 inches tall. As robot moves quickly about it's antenna on the head rotates.
Wind up
$22.00 each
#R-11A Thunder Robot
New Thunder Robot. Incredible reproduction of the classic 1950's Japan robot. High quality with a great colorful box. Same size and same great actions as the original Thunder Robot -Walks with mechanical moving legs, spinning head antenna and lights, then it stops, raises it's arms and guns flash in it's hands. Includes inner styrofoam mold packing.  Stands about 12 inches tall. 
Sorry, all SOLD OUT!
#R-11 Smoking Spaceman Robot
Chrome Smoking Spaceman. Great reproduction of the classic 1950's Japan robot. High quality with nicely lithographed box. Same great actions as the original Smoking Spaceman Robot - Walks with mechanical moving legs, spinning colorful lighted head dome, blows real smoke from it's mouth. This is a new item. Stands about 12 inches tall.

Wind up
Sorry, all sold out!

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Chrome comes in the same box as the gray.
# R-09 The Day the Earth Stood Still-Gort Robot.
 All tin construction. Features wind up action, with walking motion, moving arms and a visor that opens and closes! Another cool toy from Rocket USA. Based on the robot seen in the classic Sci-Fi movie (The Day the Earth Stood Still)
Wind up
Size: 8.5 inches tall.
$35.00 each!

Click On Picture
Click Here to see and hear Gort Movie Clips and Soundtrack, It's COOL!
#R-19  Metal House Green Dino Robot
This is the all new battery operated high quality tin litho Robot made in Japan. It's identical to the hard to find original Dino Robot. It stands over 11 inches tall, runs like a champ, very quite and smooth. Functions include walking with mechanical moving legs. When the robot stops walking it's head splits open to reveal it's Dino head that lights up, it's mouth opens and closes with realistic dino screeches then closed back up and starts the process all over again, Very nice!  (Dark brown) is all sold out!

Special Edition Smoking Dino Robot. It's new and it's cool!
$235.00 each, price includes free shipping.

New From Metal House Toys of Japan 
This is a Special Edition "Dino Robot" It's all new with a new function, IT SMOKES! This has a new design feature of the classic Horikawa Dino Robot made from the original molds at the original factory of the 1960's Japan. Just like the original Dino Bot, it stands 11" tall and now it includes the smoking function. The body is made of tin. This robot offers mechanical walking with stop n'go action. As with the original, the head mechanically separates to now reveal Godzilla blowing smoke from it's mouth. These are new and come mint in a nice box.

Wind up
Regular Dino Bot are $225.00 Each. As with all our robots free shipping!

Green color or the NEW SMOKING Dino Robot.
Smoking Dino Bots are only $235 each with free shipping
This is the all New Tin Little Giant Robot Nice little 3.5 inch tall all tin litho robotWalks with moving legs and mechanical moving arms! Includes a  wind-up key and box.
Wind up
$14.00 each. FREE SHIPPING!

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