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Big Chiefman Robot (Blue)
Available NOW!
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Sparking Mike Robot
Available NOW!
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Tin Wind Up 
Astroman Robot (Osaka)
Available in 6 different colors!!
Action Planet Robot
Robby Robot 
Available NOW!
Chrome Item # LX-03A
Red Item # LX-01
Black #LX-99
$35.00 each.

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NEW Special Edition Smoking Dino Robot
Item# MHSDR $235.00 each

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Mechanical Walking Spaceman.
Item# LX-04
$28.00 ea.
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High-Wheel/Gear Robot
Available NOW!
$38.00 Each. Free Shipping
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Item #LX-06

Tin Robot and Science Ficition 
DVD Movie Set
6 DVDs 
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Item #R-M-01


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$29.00 each, with FREE SHIPPING.
Lantern Robot
$79.00 Free shipping
We have the Blue only at this time.
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Wind-up Red Spaceman-Daiya Reproduction. AVAILABLE NOW!
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Meet Hex Head Robot. 
Available NOW!
Item #HX-01
$95.00 each.
Free Shipping
For your purchasing Satisfaction. We strive to offer you only the FINEST examples of these tin toys. ALL our stock is closely inspected and tested. Any items that do not meet the standards of Neatstuff.net are sold to other toy dealers who may offer them for sale at discounted prices!

Big Chiefman Robot
Big Chiefman Robot - Blue battery operated robot. Spins, twirls, and eyes light up when activated. All Tin construction Chiefman Robot stands 12" tall and functions just like the original Chiefman Robot produced in the early 1960's with bump & go action, stop & go action, turning it's head with spinning antennas and lighted dome, also emits it's original and cool ratchet sounds! Definitely one of the most recognizable vintage robots ever made. The originals were produced in Japan by Yoshia Toys in the 1960's. The most outstanding functions of any robot produced at that time, Chief Robotman (BLUE) Comes complete with it's original 1960's style box. 

$79.00 each with FREE SHIPPING!

Available NOW!
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R-08B Strange Walking Martian (Wind Up)
All tin litho construction, wind up toy. This is a reproduction of a very rare space toy made in Japan by the Hishimo Toys during the 1950s. The original of this toy sells for thousands of dollars. Here's your chance to own the next best thing.  The toy walks forward by movement of it's two middle legs. Very weird, very strange, very MARTIAN. This is a must have for any tin space toy collector! Includes a nice box. 
Wind up
$29.95 with free USPS Shipping!
Stands 9 inches tall.

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Item #PR-3 
Classic Reproduction (Piston Robot) 
Battery Operated Piston Robot. Choice of colors,
Silver or Gold.
$69.00 ea. Free shipping!
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Wind up

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Battery Operated GEAR ROBOT 
Nice all tin robot, walking action and moving arms with turning gears in it's chest. A reproduction of an earlier robot made in Japan. This version is also made in Japan by Metal House Toys. Very fine quality with cool actions. Get them now. I have very few to offer.
Your Choice of colors, (Silver) or (Gold)

Your choice of colors (Silver) or (Gold)

Click on picture to see more.
NEW Osaka Wind-Up Tin Robby the Robot!
(# R-01-WU BLACK) (#R-01-WU SILVER)
This is the All New Wind-Up of Robby the Robot made by Osaka Tin Toys of Japan. Patterned after Mechanized Robot, Planet Robot and Robby the Robot with Blaster in Wind-Up form. This is wonderful new addition to the Osaka Tin Toys Collector's Series!

$298 each or $585 if you buy both colors at the same time, and if you would like to purchase both colors then I can send you matched numbers on the two Robots if you like!

Click Here for MORE Info...!
Wind up

(Item # RRC-1) Robby the Robot Alarm Clock
This is a cool new item. When this alarm clock rings--shoot it! Cool Robby the Robot Alarm Clock beeps, lights, swivels at it's hips and flashes to wake you up. Point the infrared remote control "gun" and shoot once for "snooze" and twice for "off." Works up to 15 feet away. Includes talking time plus hourly chime sound effects. 10x5x5". 
Uses 5 AA batteries, not included. 

$79.00 each, free shipping!

Click on Picture for a large picture
#RMH-1 Metal House Super Giant Robot
Made in Japan by Metal House Toys. Stands a menacing 16+ inches tall. Weighs in at about 5 pounds! Operates on 3 D cell batteries. If your looking for a Big & Awesome Tin Robot then your search is over. Very high quality, runs smooth and quite with mechanical moving legs and arms. Stops walking and it's chest panels open up to reveal lighted blasting space guns! This is a must have for the tin robot collectors.
Wind up
Priced $475 each. Free Shipping. Only one left!

Click on picture to see both color versions
Charcoal or Silver Color 
Available NOW!
Cock-pit Driver Robot Item# MH-CP-1
Cock-pit Driver Robot with Astronaut inside the chest by Metal House/Osaka tin toys of Japan.  Robot offers multi-functions including mechanical walking legs and moving arm action, lighted cockpit with astronaut commanding the robot, blinking lights inside the chest with rotatomatic action. Robot walks for a ways, then stops, the upper half of the robot spins around in 360 degrees. This fantastic newly designed robot is sure to be highly collectible as are all of the quality robots produced by Metal House and Osaka toys of Japan.
$220.00 each, free shipping!
Wind up

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and more information.
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# R-03
Meteor Demon Man or Space Evil Robot.
Battery Operated Tin Robot
Nice quality Horikawa Style Robot named Meteor Demon Man/ AKA Evil Robot. Available in blue or red color as pictured. This is a very high quality collectible toy robot made by Metal House Toys of Japan during the early 1990's. Actions include stop & go, doors swing open with blinking, shooting lighted guns, the upper half of it's body also rotates around and around. Supply is very limited. Both Red and Blue are available. Get one now, they won't  be around for long.

Item #R-03
$140.00 ea. Free Shipping!
Wind up

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Available in Red or Blue Color
#R-13 Battery Operated Tin Robby Robot
This is a very high quality toy robot made in Japan by Osaka Tin Toys. Limited edition of 1000 produced. These robots stand 12.75 inches tall. Theses are considered the finest toy Robby Robot ever made! It's functions include: Robby walks with mechanical moving legs, dome lamp and mechanical brain are lighted, voice tubes flash blue, heart box star drive and geneva movement device are lighted, mechanical sax valves cycle, scanner rings rotate. Robby stops walking and then the hand held space blaster light pulsates as his arm pans back and forth with very cool space blaster sounds. 
$595.00 each. We have only a few of these left to offer!

Click Here to see and learn more about this 
fantastic toy robot!
Wind Up Chief Robot.
This is an all new tin sparking robot. Wind it up with it's separate key, the robot moves forward with a shower of sparks seen through the transparent green window in it's chest. Robot will move forward for awhile then it will make a sudden right turn then continue on and turning to the right every so often. This is a great robot! Robot Stands 8 inches tall.
I will post more pictures soon...

Wind up
 $24.95 each, Free shipping.

Click on picture to see a larger picture
Item# R01K-1
This is an all New, Tin Reproduction Sparky Space Robot! Sparky Robot is a very well made, all tin construction wind-up robot. Stands about 8 inches tall. Very smooth and long running motor drive. Robot includes a very nice colorful original type box. You can't go wrong with this robot. It would look great in any tin robot collection. Walks with moving legs and arms, also has a sparking function located in it's mouth and eyes! The Loop antenna located on it's head acts as the on-off switch, pull it up and down for on and off. Very cool robot!
Comes in Blue, Silver or Gold Color. Click on picture >>>
Wind up
$24.95 each
Click on the picture to view all 3 colors & box art!
(#R-48) Super Space Robot
This is the smallest remote controlled robot I have ever seen. It measures 4 inches tall. The battery remote also resembles a robot! It's functions are, forward and reverse movement with a red lighted face shield. It also includes 2 space blasted guns, one large and one small. Comes in an a colorful package.

$16.00 each, includes free shipping and handling!
Large Wind-Up lilliput Robot
Item# R01F
Not to be confused with the little 5.5 inch tall Lilliput that has been on the market. This one stands 8.5 inches tall. Functions include, walking action with moving arms also has an on/off switch on it's back side.
Comes in a nice colorful slip-top type box.
This is a very nice toy robot!
Wind up
LARGE $32.00 each includes free shipping

Item# R01F-SM (Yellow color) Original sized Lilliput (5.5 inch tall) are $22.00 each.

Click on picture to see more!
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