Wind up Astroman Robot-made by Osaka

# R-11-Astro  Available NOW in 6 different Colors!!
Tin Wind Up Astroman Robot (Osaka) Another investment quality Osaka Tin Toy Robot. The original vintage T.N. Toys Japanese version made in 1968 has sold upwards of $25,000. The quality standards of the Osaka robots are in the tradition of Golden Age of Japanese Tin Toys. Osaka is the finest manufacturer of toy robots in the entire world. Astroman Robot is another exceptionally fine example of Osaka's
quest to bring us the very best tin robot money can buy! 
Red Astroman pictured below is limited to only 300 made. 
$459.00 for the red color.

There were only 50 made of the Blue, Green, Black, Yellow and White!
$499 each for the Blue, Green, Black, Yellow and White, price includes Shipping in the USA.

If you would like to purchase the entire color collection pictured here, please contact us for the discount price for all 6 of them.

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Available NOW 

BOX Art!

There were 300 of the above red one made.