Big Chiefman Robot

Big Chiefman Robot - Blue color battery operated tin robot. Spins, twirls, and eyes light up when activated.
All tin construction, Chiefman Robot stands 12" tall and functions just like the original Chiefman Robot produced in the early 1960's with bump & go action, stop & go action, turning it's head with spinning antennas and lighted dome, also emits it's original and cool ratcheting sounds! One of the most recognizable vintage robots ever made.

The originals were produced in Japan during the early 1960's by Yoshia Toys. The most outstanding functions of any robot produced at that time. Chief Robot man (BLUE) Comes complete with it's original 1960's style box. 

$79.00 each with FREE SHIPPING.

Big Chiefman Robot offers allot of BANG for your BUCK!

See Chiefman Robot in Action at Youtube, it truly is an action packed robot!

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Click on the picture to see the original type box.