Wind up Action Planet Robot/ROBBY THE ROBOT!
This was an unauthorized production of Robby the Robot first made during the late 1950s.
They changed the name from Robby Robot to Action Planet robot to avoid copyright infringements.
We now offer a very nice reproduction of this famous robot. It's a true bargain for such a fine robot.

Remote Controlled Action Planet Robby Robot, see below...

Wind-UP Action Planet Robot is Available now!
Walks with mechanical moving legs, has sparks shooting behind a transparent red window in it's face and chest. All tin construction. Includes an on-off switch located on it's chest. Fantastic value...

Red Item # LX-01
Black  Item # LX-02
Chrome Item # LX-03A

$35.00 each.

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Available in RED & BLACK and CHROME COLORS

The box you see directly below is not offered anymore. All  my new stock come with the very cool ORIGINAL type box art, Click Here to see it.

Green color are all sold out!