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Jerry Osborne's Rockin' Records: Buyers-Sellers, Reference Book and Price Guide. 2008 Edition

With the this record guidebook it's easy to learn the current value of your old records. Do you know what yours are worth!?

If you have a collection of old record albums this guide could easily pay for itself many, many times over with just one or two records you may have. Learn what your records are really worth! There are many, somewhat common records from the 1950s - 1980s that can be worth hundreds of dollars or more per each! Do you know what yours are worth!?
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All of our collectible records have been evaluated using the latest pricing guides.
The guide books we use are Jerry Osbornes Official Price Guide To Records.
This guide is featured at the bottom of this page. We also use two
other guides for cross reference. Goldmine Price Guide To
Collectible Record Albums and Jerry Osbornes Official Price Guide to
Movie/TV Soundtracks and Original Cast Albums.
We feel that we have been conservative on both condition grading
and pricing of all our collectible records.
Collecting is a fun hobby and we want your experience to be a good
one! So if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase
you are welcome to return it to receive a full money back refund.
Any given record album can very greatly in price depending on many factors,
such as condition, what label it is on, what pressing it is etc.
Email me if you'd like more detailed information on any record.
This page has NO PIC'S to go with them.
If you are SERIOUSLY interested in a particular album,
I would be happy to email you a photograph of it.

C=cover condition~V=vinyl condition~DA=double album
If You Buy More Then One $10.00 Album
Your Price is only $7.50 Each!!
M=mint ~EX=excellent~VG=very good ~G=good ~F=fair~P=poor
One Of Two Pages

01 MITCH AYRES Dance Time,
Camden  (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00
02 STANLEY BLACK The All Time Top Tangos, Decca Import (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00
03 BOSTON POPS Song of India, RCA Victor (c=EX) (v=M-) $10.00 04 FRANK CHACKSFIELD Academy Awards Songs, Decca Import (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00
05 FRANK CHACKSFIELD Immortal Serenades, London (c=EX) (v=EX) SOLD! 06 LARRY CLINTON My Million Sellers, Everest (c=EX+) (v=EM-) $10.00
07 HARROLD COATES Waltz Time, Camden (c=EX) (v=EM) $10.00 08 MARTIN DENNY Quiet Village,
Liberty (c=EX) (v=M-) $15.00
09 WEBLEY EDWARDS Island Paradise, Capital (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00 10 CHICK FLOYD Hula-Hula,
Liberty (c=EX) (v=M-) Sold!
11 GREAT BANDS OF OUR TIME Includes Artie Shaw, Hal Kemp, Glen Gray and others.  Camden (c=M-) (v=M-) $10.00 12 BONNIE GUITAR Whispering Hope,
Dot (c=M-) (v=M-) $15.00
13 TED HEATH All-Time Top 12,
London Import (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00
14 LOVELY HULA HANDS  Waikiki Records, Red Vinyl (c=EX) (v=EX) $15.00
15 FRANK HUNTER White Goddess,
Capp (c=EX) (v=M-) SOLD!
16 JUNE HUTTON Afterglow,
Decca (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00
17 DICK KESNER AND HIS MAGIC STRADIVARIUS, Brunswick (c=EX+) (v=M-) $10.00 18 MICHAEL LEIGHTON The Sound of Strings, Capp (c=M-) (v=M-) $10.00
19 NORMAN LEYDEN Music for a Backyard BBQ, RCA Victor (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00 20 WILLIAM KEALOHA Island Paradise, Roulette (c=EX) (v=M-) $10.00
21 WAYNE KING Orchids to my Lady, Decca (c=M-) (v=M-) $10.00 22 MILLION DOLLAR SOUNDS World's Most Precious Violins, Command (c=M-) (v=M-) $10.00
23 RAYMOND PAIGE Stardust Melodies, Camden (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00 24 MISHEL PIASTRO Great Piano Melodies, Decca (c=M-) (v=M-) SOLD!
25 SPANISH EYES 101 Strings, Alshire (c=M-) (v=M-) $10.00 26 DICK SINCLAIR Polka Parade, Capital (c=EX) (v=M-) $10.00
27 THE STATLER DANCE ORCHESTRA Lets Dance to the Hits of the 50's, Somerset (c=EX+) (v=M-) $10.00 28 ED SULLIVAN Porgy and Bess, (c=G) (v=EX+) $10.00
29 BILLY VAUGHN The Golden Instrumentals, Dot (c=EX+) (v=EX-) SOLD! 30 BILLY VAUGHN Linger Awhile, Dot (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00
31 BILLY VAUGHN Look for a Star, Dot (c=VG) (v=VG) $10.00 32 BILLY VAUGHN  Plays, Dot (c=EX) (v=EX) $10.00
33 BILLY VAUGHN Golden Hits, Dot (c=EX+) (v=EX-) $10.00 34 VIENNA VOLKSOPER A Waltz Dream, RCA Victor (c=EX) (v=M-) $10.00
35 ANSON WEEKS  Dance with Anson, Fantasy, Blue Vinyl (c=EX) (v=EX) $15.00 36 RUTH WELCOME Zither Magic, Capital (c=M-) (v=M-) SOLD!
37 LAWRENCE WELK Last Date, Dot (c=EX) (v=M-) $10.00 38 LAWRENCE WELK Vintage Champagne, Harmony (c=EM-) (v=M) $10.00
39 DAVID WHITEHALL Love's Several Faces, Camden (c=VG) (v=EX) $10.00 40 WHOOPIE JOHN Old time Hit Time, Decca (c=EX) (v=EX) SOLD!
41 ERNIE WILKINS The Big New Band, Everest (c=EX+ ) (v=M-) $10.00 42 DEL WOOD Flivvers, Flappers and Foxtrots, RCA Victor (c=VG) (v=EX+) $10.00
43 FRANKIE YANKOVICH Plays in Person, Columbia (c=EX+) (v=EX+) $10.00 44 FRANKIE YANKOVICH Plays the all 
Time best Waltzes, Columbia(c=EX+) (v=M-) SOLD!


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