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Item # GRM101
This kit gives you the ability to follow in Emile Berliner's footsteps and create an actual working gramophone recorder/player. Here at we pride ourselves in the unusual and unique items we offer. This gramophone kit is no exception. In fact we think this takes the cake! This gramophone can record onto many different types of materials. As seen in the picture, we are using a used unwanted CD. Doesn't matter if the CD has any information, music or files on it or not. Our gramophone will record right over the top of it! It actually etches and records sound right into the surface of what ever suitable material you place on it. Now you do have a use for all those unwanted CDs that normally are thrown out!

Not just CDs, but any smooth, relatively firm materials can be used: Top Ramen lids, magazine covers, glossy photos. Exchange audio messages through the mail with another owner by recording on a postcard. VOICE MAIL Anyone!? Experiment with different materials for different sound productions.
Just speak or play music into the horn then it can be played back. Fun and educational.

Note: Since this is a build it yourself kit we can not offer returns or refunds on it after it's been assembled. We will replace or refund Gramophones if there is a defect in manufacturing. Takes about an hour to assemble; no special tools required. Comes with easy to follow step by step instructions. Pay close attention to instructions for best results. This would make a great unique gift idea! This item is for adults, not young children.

Japanese import with English instruction.
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Read more about the Gramophone. Who Emile Berliner was, when he invented it...


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