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01 Tin Battery Operated Remote Volkswagen
This is a great old battery operated tin toy remote control Volkswagen made in Japan during the 1960s by the  Modern Toys company. Comes in it's original box. The car condition is rated at a 10 or mint condition.  The boxes are also in mint condition. These operate just as they are suppose to operate with forward and reverse directions. These are from an old warehouse find. They have been stashed away all these years!

Battery powered
Measures 6 inches long.
$95.00 each with free USPS shipping

Click on the picture to see a big picture and it's box.
01-D Radicon Remote controlled Bus This toy is known as the WORLDS FIRST Radio Remote Controlled toy. It was made in Japan during the mid 1950s.
Comes complete with operators instruction booklet, original box, hand-held remote, and both antenna's. I placed batteries in it for testing. It does run but not as it should. The hand held remote does operate as it should, but seems the bus radio "receiver" is not operating correctly. When the bus is turned on it automatically runs through all it's functions on it's own. Goes forward, turns left & right, stops then starts the process all over again. I don't believe it would take much to repair it. I will leave that up to it's new owner. Bus cosmetic condition is a 9 the remote is in 8.5 condition. Box condition is 9.

Battery powered
Bus Measures 14 inches long.

Be sure to click on the picture to see a close up!
03-Little Silver Remote Controlled Tank. 1960s made in Japan. Item does not operate. Includes original box. Tank is in 8.5 condition, box is in 8.0 condition. Tank measures 5 inches long.

Battery powered
03-B Highway Patrol Helicopter
This is a very nice old battery operated tin Space Patrol Copter.  Made in Japan during the early 1960s. It has great colorful litho details. The copter is rated at a 10 - The box is rated at 9.5 The toy operates with all it's NON-FALL Bump-N-Go action, whirling blade, blinking lights and copter sounds. Toy is 100% complete. This is an exceptional piece, would make a nice addition to any tin toy collection.  Measures 9+ inches long.

Battery powered

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01-C Box of 12 Tin Litho Cars
Late 1960s early 1970s made in Japan. These are from an old warehouse find. They are offered as a complete set of 12 tin cars. You get 2 of each (6 different designs) plus the original colorful display box. They are friction powered. Very colorful tin litho and are of nice quality. I have a few boxes to offer. Be sure to click on the picture to see the box they come in.

Cars Measure 5 inches long.

$195.00 for all 12 cars and box.

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01-A Old Monorail Play Set
This is an early Chinese made toy.
It comes complete with battery operated car and snap together track. It works very well. Also includes a light in the front. The toy is in 9.0 condition the box is a little tattered, I rate the box at about a 7.5

Battery powered
Box measures 17 inches long.
01-B Old Tin Friction Powered VW Build it Kit
This is a very rare and hard to find VW kit.  It was made in Japan during the mid 1960s. This kit is in absolute MINT condition. I rate the original box at MINT minus or 9.5+ condition. The parts have never been removed from the box. Kit includes every thing you will need to put it all together. 27 Parts total. Ages 10 through Adult. Includes the instruction sheet. Box measures 10 inches X 8 inches. Very nice item!

Battery powered

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03 Kometa Russian Made Remote control battery operated toy race car.
Old warehouse find! This is a cool old battery operated tin litho and plastic toy race car. It was made in Russia in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It measures 10 inches long. Top portion of the car is made of  lithograph tin the bottom is plastic. Car offers forward and reverse action and also has a steering wheel on the hand controller to go where ever you want! Old Russian toys are hard to come by, they were never imported to the USA . I only have a few to offer, so don't miss out! I rate the condition of the car at 9.5 the boxes are a little tattered. rated at about a 7.5 to an 8

Battery powered
$55.00 each
06 Old Toy Train Set
Late 1960s or early 70s Made in China. 
This toy appears that it has never been set up or played with. Comes with the battery powered engine, 3 cars and all the snap together track. The track can be set up into 3 different configurations. I did not take the time to set it all up but I did place batteries in it and the engine operates just as it should. Toy is in MINT condition, the box is in 9.5+ condition. This is a nice new condition item. Box measures 15 inches long.

08 Old early 1950s Battery Operated Dump Truck If your looking for an excellent collectible toy truck then this may interest you. It was Made in Japan around the late 1950s by the Alps toy company it is all tin construction and is perfect working order. The  hand held battery remote controller is an advertisement for the Ray-O-Vac battery company. It offers a forward, revers and a on off switch. The wire that attaches the remote to the truck can't be seen in the picture but it is there! It's functions include a dumping action. The truck moves for a ways and then stops and slowly dumps it's load and then moves on again. The toy condition is rated at a 9 the box is a 8.5 with a little staining and shelf wear, other then that the box is very nice as well.

Battery powered
Measures 6.5 inches long.
10 Western Special Locomotive
This is a great old battery operated all tin toy locomotive. Many of these are missing the cattle bumper on the front of the locomotive, this one is 100% complete. It measures 12 inches long. This toy is complete and operates perfectly with realistic locomotive sounds, also lights up with bump and go action. The trains conductor is holding a lighted lantern that he swings back and forth as the train moves about. Toy condition is 10-  The box condition is a 9.5.  Very nice old tin toy in excellent condition. Made in Japan 1960s.

Battery powered
12 Tin Litho Mechanical Native Merry Go Round
Tin litho key wound merry go round, with ringing bell and swinging tin litho native children.  Made in India in the early 1970's.  Very heavy duty and high quality.  Comes with very colorful box.  Condition is near mint with a 9 condition box.
This is a very unusual toy.

Wind up

Size: 9 1/2 inches tall
Sorry, all sold out!


13 Battery Operated U-Turn Jeep
Nice Japanese made remote controlled all tin construction jeep. Push the button and the jeep moves forward for a ways then the driver begins to raise his arm up to signal he is turning, then the jeep makes a U-turn. Pretty cool! I rate the toy at a 9 condition. Operates very well. Also includes a blinking light in the radio that is mounted on the rear deck.

Battery power
Size: 7 inches Long


14 Handy Hank Tractor
1960s Another very well made classic Japanese Tin Toy. Lots of great actions including forward and revers motion, see through engine with engine works that can be seen moving up and down, also includes a real moving cooling fan blade that can be viewed through the clear plastic hood. I rate this toy at 8.5 All functions operate perfectly. This is truly a grand toy! The 
rubber tracts are in great condition as well.

Size: 11 in. long. 

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