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15 M-4 Combat Tank
Made in Japan during the early 1960s by the Tayio Toy Company. This tank offers many fantastic functions. It offers bump-n-go action with a swiveling Turret that pans back and forth with a blinking light at the end of the cannon. Includes excellent Pom Pom and machine gun firing sounds. A great motion of spinning colorful lights can be seen on the rear deck of the tank . The 2 machine guns mounted in the front of the tank also light up and blink. This toy is made of tin and is in absolute MINT condition. The box is in also mint condition. I have a few of these to offer. These are from an old warehouse find in Brazil. They are in brand new unplayed with condition, it would be impossible to find one in any better condition!  All functions operate as they should. This is an exceptionally nice toy!

Measures 11 inches long 
Sorry, all SOLD OUT!
15-B 1960s Marx BIG SHOT
Missile firing Cannon. Operations include, Push button electric fire control, push button gun elevator control, aim at target with push button control, fires real caps "Bang Bang" six wheels. This is a huge toy that measures 22 inches long! Toy is in 9+ condition all functions operate well. The box is in about 8- condition. Missing the rocket. Free shipping is not included for this toy.

16 Battery Operated Photo Touring Car
1970s. Although this toy was made in China you would not know it by looking at it, it's quality rivals that of a well made vintage Japanese toy. It offers many great functions. As the car moves around with mystery actions it has head lights and a sounding horn. When the car stops moving the lady passenger moves to the right and snaps a picture with her camera, the camera also has a flash that goes off. The driver of the car has his hands on the steering wheel, it appears that he is actually driving with his hands, arms and steering wheel  moving back and forth. This is a very nice toy. The toys condition is NEAR MINT with near mint box. These are an old warehouse find I have many of them to offer! 

Size:Car 13 inches long. 
17 Old Remote Controlled Brinks Armored Car This is a nice hard plastic toy. It offers forward and reverse action and turns as well, also doubles as a coin bank. It is in mint condition, I rate it at a 10- The box has some slight creases  I rate it at a 9+  Operates like new. Made in the USA 1950s or 60s by the Andy Gard toy company. Nice one!

Size: 6.5 inches long. 
18 Old Remote Controlled Army Jeep This is a nice little toy. It offers forward and reverse action. It is in great condition, I rate it at a 9. The box has some factory defects in the print. It appears the box has creases in it but this is a printing defect. I rate the box at a 9 as well. Operates like new. Made in Japan 1960s by the Cragstan toy company. Nice one!

Size: 6 in. long. 
19 Old Tin Litho Parking Garage
This is an old Russian made toy, I believe it was made during the late 1960s or early 1970s. Wind it up and set the little plastic car on the ramp, the ramp will lower down the car will run down the ramp where it is picked back up again. This process continues over and over! This is a great collectible Russian toy! I rate these toys at a 10 condition the boxes are rated at 10-

Wind up
Size: When the ramp is extended the toy measures about 16 inches long. 

$38.00 each, while they last!

20  Tin Anti Aircraft Tank
This is an old early 1970s Chinese made toy. It offers bump-n-go action with pop-up lighted, blinking antiaircraft guns that pop out of the rear deck and start shooting with great realistic cannon sounds. The driver also pops his head up and down. Also includes a radar dish that spins around. These are in about a 8 or so condition. They have minor scratches and such in the litho. This is common for this particular toy. None of them came from the factory with the litho in good condition. They were not well taken care of during the manufacturing process to protect the litho from being scratched during manufacturing. The boxes are in about 7 condition.

$30.00 each.
21 M-41 Army Tank
1960s all tin all tin battery operated army tank. It operates very well and is in 8- condition. No box. Toy is complete and made in Japan.

Size: 9 in. long. 

22 Tin Litho Lighted Broadway Trolly Car
This is a nice toy with many functions. It offers bump-n-go action with realistic sounds. As the toy moves about it has a clanking sound and a ringing bell that sounds like it is going down the tracks. The little tin conductor moves from side to side. It also has a working headlight in the front. The toys cosmetic condition is a 8.5 with excellent colorful detailed litho. It does not always function as it should. It takes a little coaching to make it go sometimes!?
Still a very nice collectible piece.

Size: 10 in. long. 
23 Santa Copter
1960s all tin Santa Copter. Unusual toy from Japan by Illco toys. It's all tin litho and very colorful. Non fall mystery action with real sounds and whirling blades. The toy is in near mint condition and operates perfectly. The box is in about a 7 condition. The perfect Christmas gift for the tin toy collector!

Size: 9 in. long. 
24 Large Super Copter 
Late 1960s or early 1970s. Actions include bump-n-go like movement, makes tight and full circle turns, colorful lighted twirling blades. Front doors open up and lighted shooting machine guns pop out with realistic gun and engine sounds! This toy is in perfect operating order and is rated at a 9.5 condition, the box is rated at a 8+ condition. 

Size: 15 in. long. 
25 Cragstans Two Gun Sheriff
Late 1950s two gun Sheriff, this toy is a great classic. When I photographed the toy I forgot to place his Tin Litho hat on him!
Rest assured that the hat is included. This toy is in excellent condition I rate it at 9.5 it operates very well and all functions are in great working order, they include the Sheriff moving from side to side waving his gus back and forth. It operates in forward and reverse. Also has a bang bang sound as he shoots and his mouth opens and closes as though he is telling you what he thinks as he shoots! The box is in great condition as well, I rate the box at a 8+
This toy is made in Japan.
Measures 8 inches tall. Nice piece!

26 Old Tin Police Patrol Jeep
1960s made In Japan. This toy operates very well with all functions in excellent working order. It offers bump-n-go action, when it stops moving the hood of the Jeep rolls over and the machine gun that is mounted on the opposite side of the red dome light is exposed and starts the shooting action with a blinking light in the end of the barrel including great Rata-tat-tat shooting sounds. The toy is complete, over all condition is a 7.5 has some minor scratches and abrasions from play. A great old toy for the price.

Size: 11 inches long. 
27 M-48 Army Tank
Early 1970s all tin all tin litho battery operated army tank. It operates very well and is in 8- condition. Toy is complete, sorry no box. This toy offers great action with bump-n-go and a very colorful lights in the guns and on the back deck. Also has cool realistic gun sounds.

Size: 9 in. long. 
28 Battery operated Overland express.
Early 1960s all tin litho battery operated Locomotive. It operates like new and is in 9.5 condition. Toy is complete with all the original cardboard inserts and little paper tag. Made in Japan by the Modern Toys company.

Size: 17 in. long. 
29 Wind up turning dog
1960s tin litho wind up puppy with a bone.
These are an old store stock find, they come in 3 different colors. Brown as in the picture and yellow or white. They come loose in absolutely mint condition! Very nice old Japanese tin toy. Wind the toy up and it moves forward a ways then it makes a complete circle and runs forward again.
Click on the picture to see all the colors offered.

Wind up

Size: 6 inches long. 
Sorry, all sold out!

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